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GMS Active Sound Boosters

ACTIVE SOUND BOOSTER by MAXHAUST the solution for a great V8 exhaust sound for petrol and diesel models. Want to have an earth-shaking exhaust note without getting into trouble with the authorities? Look no further, Maxhaust is the perfect solution for you!

A huge part of driving experience is often attributed to the sound a car makes. Many tasteful enthusiasts lust over the iconic F1-esque shrill of the F355’s V8, while others love the deep, muscular rumble of cars like the Maserati GranTurismo. What we can all agree on, is that petrolheads love the exquisite notes that high capacity engines make.

As technology advances, engines run smoother and exhaust mufflers become much more efficient in noise reduction to increase comfort and to comply with regulations. This takes away the aural experience that many yearn for, and with the local authorities’ strict regulations on exhaust systems, there are very limited options for one to attain loud exhaust notes without getting into trouble.

What is Maxhaust?

GMS Mercedes Sotogrande Maxhaust Active Sound Booster Exhaust

Initially contrived by German automotive parts supplier, Eberspacher, as an extremely effective active exhaust noise cancellation device, it was soon realised that the same technology can be utilised to achieve the opposite effect of enhancing the exhaust’s sound.

Maxhaust, a German brand, took that technology and developed an aftermarket active exhaust sound system, which delivers pre-recorded exhaust sound through internally and externally mounted loudspeakers to achieve realistic and powerful exhaust notes. Do not mistake it for a simple audio playback device as the sound is generated in direct relation to the number of engine revolutions, resulting in a sound that accurately matches the engine speed.

Maxhaust achieves this accurate and realistic sound enhancement by tapping into your vehicle’s electronics system to retrieve a range of data such as vehicle speed, engine speed, pedal position, etc. Even minute details such as downshifts and off-throttle situations are all taken into account as well.

Maxhaust is available in four different stages

GMS Mercedes Sotogrande Maxhaust Active Sound Booster Exhaust

Maxhaust offers a product range that consists of different stages. Each stage uses the same speaker, but has a different sound module. To further understand how this works, imagine the Maxhaust speaker as a CD player and the modules as individual discs that stores different exhaust notes.

There is no need for incremental updates on the stages – you can choose the stage one module for an aggressive roar, jump immediately to a bassier sound in stage two or opt directly for a V8 growl in stage three which features a module with authentic and powerful Maserati notes.

Lastly, stage four is Maxhaust’s proprietary module that was developed from the ground up. It is also the most customisable among all. With this stage, the bass and exhaust notes can be tuned to your exact preference. In addition, it can even emulate the pop and crackles commonly heard on supercars. Furthermore it will also get regular updates with new features and improved sound files. For example, a recent update included a ‘kickdown mode’ that changes the sound profile automatically when you floor the throttle on automatic cars.

Fully reversible, legal and easy to use

GMS Mercedes Sotogrande Maxhaust Active Sound Booster Exhaust

The Maxhaust system is fully reversible, legal and easy to use as it does not interfere with the exhaust system in any way. This renders it LTA-compliant, which allows you to enjoy a growling exhaust note without the fear of facing any legal complications. As it only retrieves information through the electronics system of the car, it also does not cause any check engine lights or errors. If desired, the unit can also be removed without affecting the vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.

The external sound actuator (speaker) is usually installed in the spare tyre well of the car with the sound piped through an existing hole on the boot floor. In instances where it cannot be mounted internally, a bracket will be made so that it can be bolted to the car’s undercarriage.

The system can be controlled through a smartphone app that connects via Bluetooth, or even setup to be managed through the car’s factory controls such as cruise control, ESP or by mapping different sound profiles to different drive modes available in the car.

Please contact our After Sales department if you would like to see a demonstration, further information or a quotation.

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